September Sapphire Birthstone

Posted by Michaels Jewelers on Sep 1, 2018 9:00:06 AM

September Sapphire Birthstone

Sapphires have been cherished for thousands of years for their color, durability, and luster! September's birthstone symbolizes wisdom, loyalty and nobility.

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February Birthstone Highlight

Posted by Michaels Jewelers on Feb 1, 2018 11:30:37 AM

Today we’re highlighting the February birthstone, amethyst. While amethyst is most commonly recognized to be a purple color, this gemstone can range from a light pinkish violet to a deep purple. The same stone can even have layers or color variants.

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What is a Treasure Chest Diamond?

Posted by Michaels Jewelers on Jan 9, 2018 10:00:48 AM

Treasure Chest Diamonds are the pride and passion of Michaels Jewelers, but what exactly makes a Treasure Chest Diamond so unique and special? For those who have done a little research on diamond buying, you will know that cut determines 60% of the value of the diamond and 100% of the sparkle. Michaels Jewelers strives for excellence and wanted to represent a collection that was as perfect as one could achieve.

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January Birthstone Highlight

Posted by Michaels Jewelers on Jan 1, 2018 10:00:38 AM

Today we're highlighting the January birthstone, garnet. Red garnets have a long history, but this gemstone comes in a wide variety of colors from greens, oranges, pinkish oranges, deeply saturated purplish reds, and even some blues. The price of the piece will likely increase for more rare colors like green or blue.

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