7 Reasons to Buy Estate Jewelry

Posted by Michaels Jewelers on Aug 30, 2017 5:36:40 PM


Our Estate Collection is truly one of the most unique, eclectic and utterly amazing grouping of jewelry that we have come across.  We have are consistently sourcing new pieces to bring in new pieces to showcase in our semi-annual Estate Shows.  Many people don't realize how special this grouping of jewelry really is.  With that, we have compiled our top 7 reasons to buy Estate Jewelry:

  1. Truly, One-of-a-kind Pieces -  Estate Eras span hundreds of years - many pieces hand made and custom-made for an individual.  These are the pieces reproductions are made of.  So why not own the real deal?  Discover unique cuts of diamonds, intricate designs that may have come over from Europe hundreds of years ago.  Who knows, one of these treasures could have been owned by a Royal family!
  2. Well-Made and Here to Stay - As mentioned above, these pieces have really stood the test of time having survived wars, famine, depressions, remissions and more.  Our Estate pieces were well-made and were (and are) luxury pieces that were designed to last - something you can pass down generations to generations in the future
  3. Serious Deals - We purchase all of our estate merchandise from customers from our Michaels stores and other jewelry stores across the country. Customers are usually looking to liquidate jewelry they no longer wear or inherited items that don’t fit their style. We also attend auctions and shows where we may purchase additional pieces which means we negotiate deals on each piece, we then pass these savings on to you.  Many of our Estate pieces sell at upwards of 60% off retail/market value.  However, some of these items can be limited edition watches or pieces that just aren't made any more.  In that case, these items are truly invaluable.
  4. 100% Authentic - Our lead appraiser is certified by the American Gem Society and has over 40 years experience.  Each item brought into our hands is carefully appraised and valued.  With over 130 years in the industry, you can trust buying from Michaels Jewelers
  5. Diamonds, Diamonds Diamonds - We have a collection of loose diamonds that we have added to our Estate Collection that gives our clients an opportunity to buy selected diamonds we’ve purchased advantageously from private estates, individuals and banks at significant savings.  Looking for an engagement ring or perhaps to upgrade your ring?  Do you want to create a new piece of jewelry but thought it would be out of your price range?  Check out this collection for some serious deals
  6. Personal Concierge - Do you have a very specific limited edition watch or perhaps a piece that you saw somewhere but can't seem to find?  Let our Estate Concierge be your personal shopper and search our connections of other Estate Dealers from around the country to find exactly what you are looking for.  Contact them today at estate@michaelsjewelers.com
  7. You're Sure to Find Something You'll Love - We have over 600 pieces in our touring trunk show and we literally add new items in everyday we promise you'll find something!  Our pieces range from under $100 and up to tens of thousands of dollars - we have a piece for every price range and every occasion.  Older jewelry not your thing?  We have modern pieces from some of the top designers such as Tiffany, David Yurman and Cartier as well as collections of almost-new pieces that will really wow you!

To learn more, view our event dates or to view our Estate Collection, click here or to view our full catalog click here.

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